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Albuquerque, New Mexico is the state's largest city.  The city has several cultural and tourists venues within its bounds, enough so that I have split out the Albuquerque material to make this page.

New Mexico - Albuquerque is a photo gallery which resides on  Included in this Gallery:  the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History in Albuquerque; the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque; and the Albuquerque Museum.  For all intents and purposes the Petroglyph National Monument is located within the city, see photos from this site in the Rock Art - Petroglyph and El Moro National Monuments photo gallery.

abq natural history museumOVERVIEW

There are several museums in Albuquerque, in May of 2014 we visited three museums, including the Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Ballon Museum.  Part of a visit which was to include photographing a mass ballon assent - which was cancelled because of winds.  The Ballon Museum is, as you probably suspect, very specialized, but very well done.

The other two museums which we visited were the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science and the International Rattlesnake Museum.  The Natural History Museum has an excellent series of exhibits on the paleontology of New Mexico.  Rather than try to cover the history of all dinosaurs, for instance, there are numerous exhibits about those which have been discovered in New Mexico and how the land and sea masses of this area have changed over time.  Photo from the exhibit to the right.

The American International Rattlesnake Museum was the last museum which we visited in Albuquerque.  Like the Ballon Museum it is highly specialized and very well done.  


The Albuquerque Museum is a history and art museum (with most of its emphasis on art) which has an interesting permanent collection and presents a nice series of traveling exhibits.  On November 30, 2017 I visited a traveling show entitled “When Modern was Contemporary” with works by Wilem de Kooning, Alexander Calder, Jacob Lawrence….  Photographs taken at this show are located in the Albuquerque Photos gallery (in particular: Albuquerque Museum Set 1, Albuquerque Museum Set 2, Albuquerque Museum Set 3, Albuquerque Museum Set 4, Albuquerque Museum Set 5, Albuquerque Museum Set 6, Albuquerque Museum Set 7, Albuquerque Museum Set 8, Albuquerque Museum Set 9, and Albuquerque Museum Set 10.

Fruit Bowl Version 6, 1950 by Hans Hofmann

Fruit Bowl Version 6, 1950 (detail) by Hans Hofmann

The museum also presents minor shows from time to time, like the political art in Albuquerque Museum Set 11.  It also has an extensive permanent collection like the works depicted in Albuquerque Museum Set 12.


The Sandia Mountains are just east of Albuquerque.  They frame the eastern skyline.  On February 13, 2015,  I spent the morning at the crest of the Sandia Mountains.  That location is a traditional site for seeing the three species of Rosy-Finch during the winter.  I came away with video of several species, including the Rosy-Finches.  There was roughly three feet of snow on the ground but the road was clear.  On the preceding Wednesday I had started up the mountain but found a foot or so new snow on the road and no indication that plowing was going to take place - and it was still snowing.  It is a winding road of almost 15 miles to the crest and I thought better of the effort, calling it a day.

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