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Over the years I have traveled through all of the states of the United States and many of the provinces of Canada.  For all of their similarities, there are times when they do not sort along political lines very well.  For instance; Hyder, Alaska and Stewart, British Columbia are adjacent to each other at the end of “the Alaska Panhandle”.  They are both dramatically similar and dissimilar.  The State or Province level links, below, and in the drop-down box above, will take you to a page about the specified location on this website.  

Below the index, I present the ten-volumes of Birding the Western US and Canada.  The Bird Videos - Canada and the United States page on www.bobbarnes.us has a complete index to these and other videos from this area as well as a listing of individual bird species videos.  There are two video portfolios on bird species in this area: The Birds of the Black Range, New Mexico, USA (which is my “patch”); and The Birds of the United States and Canada.  There are three other long form videos on the bird species and my travels in these areas - they are presented on the specific pages for those areas - they are; Hyder Bears, The Dempster, and the Southeast (USA) Trip Report (embedded in the Florida description).

The Birds of Alaska and Canada photo gallery on www.bobbarnes.us presents a limited number of photographs from the far north.  Bird photographs from other states include; Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, IdahoLouisiana, Maryland, MontanaNevada, New Mexico A-M, New Mexico N-Z, Birds of the Black Range of New Mexico A-H, Birds of the Black Range of New Mexico I-R, Birds of the Black Range of New Mexico S-Z, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, TexasUtah, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming.

The following pages on this website include much additional material; AlabamaAlaska, Arizona,  Arkansas, California, Colorado,  Florida, Louisiana, MarylandNebraskaNevada, New Mexico (North), New Mexico (South), North DakotaNova ScotiaOklahomaOregonTennessee, Texas, Utah, VirginiaWashington,  Wyoming, and Yukon & Northwest Territories.

Volumes 1 & 2 were recorded in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Saskatchewan, and Wyoming.

Volumes 3 & 4 were recorded in Alberta, British Columbia, California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Volumes 5 & 6 were recorded in Arizona, Oregon, and Nevada.

Volumes 7 & 8 were recorded in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Volumes 9 & 10 were recorded in Oregon and Washington.

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