I have visited the state of Alabama a few times but have pitifully little to show for it in terms of memories or images.

From a post entitled: U.S. Army Aviation Museum

Perhaps it is strange that an observer of the natural world would also have an interest in aircraft (especially old aircraft), trains (especially old trains), and automotive convenances (especially iconic ones).  It is none-the-less the case.  On the 19th of this month I bypassed many aviation museums in the southeast of the United States and made a stop at the United States Army Aviation Museum located on Ft. Rucker in Alabama.  In general, it can be characterized as a helicopter museum but it does have a number of fixed wing aircraft in its collection.

US Army Aviation Museum
US Army Aviation Museum Ft. Rucker, Alabama, USA

The photographs I took at the museum have been added to the Aircraft - Gallery 6 Photo Gallery and the Aircraft Art Photo Gallery.

Piasecki CH-21 US Army Aviation Museum Ft. Rucker, Alabama, USA

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