The Atlantic Rainforest

The Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil (Brasil) is one of those swiftly diminishing ecosystems which marks humanities impact on the rest of the world.  My visit to this area was restricted to the rainforest northeast of Rio de Janeiro.

The Bird Videos - Brazil page on has links and an index to long-form videos as well as links to video of individual bird species. Photographs from this area can be found in The Birds of Brazil photo gallery on the website.

I have recorded three long-form videos from this area, see below.  The narrative for The Atlantic Rainforest begins below the video presentations.

From a post entitled: Manakins, Harpies, and Macaws

We are in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil in early January - the rainy season is ending, it hasn’t rained in days, the video has been great. Andy Foster of Serra dos Tucanos has been showing me the area - and doing a great job.  I have been working Blue Manakin for more than seven hours to get a little less than a minute of video. A remarkably beautiful bird that calls from just a few feet away, a bird that seems impossible to see - much less video. Better times are to come but the effort of getting on location and the frustration of failing to tape the bird is getting to me.

From a post entitled: Three-Toed Jacamar & Resplendent Quetzal

Endemics, especially rare endemics, are the birds which drive many birders to specific locations. Few places in the world match the avian endemism of the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil. One of the great birds of this area is the Three-toed Jacamar - a rare endemic - a bird of one of my favorite avian families.

Andy Foster of Serra dos Tucanos said that he knew a good spot for this species - so we were off for a happy day of video. We rounded a curve in the dirt road we were on and there they were. Two Three-toed Jacamars sitting on a branch not twenty feet from the road. I smiled, said “It doesn’t get any easier than this” and got out of the car. Off they flew.

Later that morning we were able to spend a lot of time taping this species, but it wasn’t as easy as rounding a curve and stepping out of the car.

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