Brazil is more than 3.28 million square miles in size.  It is diverse, troubled, a reservoir of the world’s species, the place where many go extinct every year.  I have been to Brazil only twice but they were wonderful experiences, full of fond memories.  I have spent time in the Pantanal, Chapada dos Guimarães, the Southern Amazon, and the Atlantic Rainforest.  There are long-form videos from each of these areas, they are included in the area narratives, see the main links below - the subheadings will direct you to the original material.  The Bird Videos - Brazil page on has links to all of these long-form videos as well as links to the individual bird species videos.  The long-form videos are also indexed on that page.

Photographs from these trips can be found in The Birds of Brazil photo gallery on the website.

There is also a long form-video of my son’s documentation of a Rufous-necked Puffbird at its nest, something that had not been previously documented.  It is provided directly below.

I have developed a page for each of the four regions of the country I have visited:

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