Trinidad & Tobago

Where do I put the Caribbean Islands?  I have opted to place them with Mexico and Central America, but that is arbitrary and perhaps a bit capricious.  This is especially true when dealing with Trinidad and Tobago which are only a few miles off the coast of Venezuela.

I have been to the islands on two occasions.  Each of my visits was a little over two weeks in duration.  I have explored the islands fairly well, except for the south coast of Trinidad.

Photographs of the bird species from the islands can be found at: Birds of Trinidad and Tobago.

My video of bird species from these islands is found at: Bird Videos - Trinidad & Tobago.  In addition to the bird species videos I have published the following from Trinidad and Tobago (the title link above the video is to a larger-sized production):

St. Giles Island 

Little Tobago Island

Caroni Swamp

Trinidad and Tobago

To take a trip to Little Tobago Island you will most likely travel in a boat like the one pictured below.  The standard tour is for an hour or so, try to arrange for a drop off and pick up and spend the day watching Tropicbirds.

The other island of interest in this area is St. Giles Island (see video above and photograph below).  To make the trip arrange for a fast boat, experience the chop of the ocean where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic, and watch Frigatebirds and Boobies by the thousands.

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