My Journeys

A journey is a wonderful concept.  It can be far, it can be near, it can be physical, it can be mental, it can be expansive, it can be limiting…. This website describes some of the journeys of my life.

I am Bob Barnes, I currently live in a small town in the foothills of southern New Mexico in the United States.  I have seen a bit of the world in my life - not enough - but enough to give me a perspective about places and peoples which I enjoy sharing.  I have accumulated a significant photograph and video inventory over the years and it is used extensively on this site.  Material which appears on this site is subject to a personal use restriction under the Creative Commons, you may not use it for your (or others) financial benefit without written permission (see contact page).  The material on this website, or linked to in this website, is available for your use under the terms of the Creative Commons License at this link.

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Green Honeycreeper, Trinidad


The map above depicts the content of this website, generally.  The human figures represent where I have lived.  The circles indicate where I have spent some time.  The circles are very general in characterization, for instance, I have spent time in all of the states of the United States and in all but three of the provinces of Canada.

And look at those gaps, so many places I have not been.

Fernweh is German and is often translated into English as wanderlust.  That translation does not quite qet there and most certainly was made by a person who does not suffer - or benefit - from the condition.  It is a longing to experience places which you have not experienced before - it is a way of growing and learning, an attitude about life…. 

Much of the information contained on this site comes in the form of a compilation of previous blog posts about the area.  One such post from August of 2006 was entitled “Am I A Good Birder?”   So that I might demonstrate the reposting technique I use on this website at times - and as a matter of personal disclosure - this is what such a repost looks like.

From a post entitled: Am I A Good Birder?

No, I do not believe that I am - certainly not in a relative sense.  I know many birders who are extremely knowledgeable about avian natural history and identification.  I am often amazed at the skills they employ to identify a shorebird, gull, or strangely phased raptor.  Much superior to my skills.

I don’t assume that I am a slouch -- only that my experience has shown me that there are some really talented people out there -- and it is sometimes difficult to know who they are.

Many individuals and groups look to surrogates, like the number of species seen, as an indicator of competence.  When I realized that my lists were surpassing those who I considered much better birders (few of my friends, for instance, have seen the White-throated Kingfisher I videotaped in Sri Lanka, above) - I stopped listing, I decided that listing was disingenuous.

I don’t disparage listers, not by any means.  There are many scientific and pleasure-oriented reasons to list.  But listing as competition bores me.

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